Tuesday, February 9, 2016

An Update....a Thank You... and Continuing to Trust in the Lord!

Hello my friends! I hope you are all well!  I know I have not posted in quite a while, and many are wanting an update.  I decided to share another real quick journal entry in my Journaling Bible, and then share an update with you on my health.

First off... this is another of the Our Daily Bread designs Bible Journaling Stamps, Your Heart. I simply stamped it with Memento ink (which does ghost just a bit on the back of the paper), and then colored with Prisma pencils.  I added a sticker from a Tim Holtz pad that simply says trust.  This is a life verse for many, and so appropriate for every one of us every day!  I decided to keep this one simple and uncluttered.  What I love about journaling is that you can always go back and add more as the Lord inspires you!

By way of update... I just had my 13th week of chemo, and I have 6 to go (Lord willing)!!!  I have had a lot of heart issues the past two weeks.  My heart has been racing like I was exercising at a top target rate for my age, only I'm sitting in a chair! My blood pressure also has been jumping all over the place, so last week I had a couple tests, and today when I went for chemo I got good news that all looked good on the tests.  That said, I have some meds that have helped with the blood pressure but the racing heart is still with me... just to keep things interesting I guess.  Anyway... the reason this was so concerning to me besides the discomfort, was that one of the biologically targeted drugs I get does cause heart failure in a  percentage of people, especially in my age range,  and also when in combination with other chemo's (I'm on a total of 4).  I really did not want to go off this medication as it's the one I'm supposed to get weekly for a year, and is specifically targeted to the type of cancer I have and the receptor that feeds it.  Sooooo we have been praying for wisdom for my Dr. as he reviewed my tests and decided whether to continue this medication.  Today's results gave the good news that it is not heart failure caused by this drug and it is OK to continue with it.  Thank you Lord!!!

I will still have to watch what's going on with my heart and while the Dr says it is a side effect of one of the chemo's I am on, medications for it have really only helped with the blood pressure.  My heart is still pitter pattering along at a pretty good clip.  So that continues to be a prayer request.  If it does not go away when I finish my chemo then I will need to have a full cardiac work up and of course if it gets worse before then I will have to do that any way.  I don't share all this for any reason other than to  update you and ask you to be praying specifically for what's going on right now.  I DO believe in the power of prayer!!!  I've seen Him work time and time again, and I know He is working now as well... and it's all for His glory!

I have so many blessings in my life I can hardly count them!  These past couple months have been tough... there's been the good, the bad and  the ugly.... but the blessings far outnumber the ugly! I have realized I have soooo many friends who truly care, and who have come up with some of the most amazing and creative ways to let me know that!  From meals, to gift cards to help with meals, to gifts too numerous to mention:  cards that cover my dining room table when laid out... audio books to listen to when my eyes just can't focus, Christian music to minister to my soul, devotionals and novels to read, hand made afghans and chemo caps, special lotions that truly help with my chemo damaged skin and nails,  wall plaques, flowers, hand made jewelry, a beautiful wooden cross, and so much more!!!  I truly have been brought to tears by the thoughtfulness and love each one has shown me!

I have been blessed with phone calls and visits, and I have to also thank my family for all they are doing to help me!  My daughter Christy, and my granddaughter Lauren come often to help drive me to chemo, and they help clean my house while they are here!  My hubby is also supportive in every way he can and I don't know what I'd do without them all!  Those special texts from my 18 year old grandson bring tears to my eyes.... what a special time this has been for our entire family as we have realized how important it is to say I love you today... often... because tomorrow is not promised! 

I also am so blessed by the ARMY of prayer warriors who are faithfully praying for me, and let me know that!  I really consider prayer to be the most precious gift of all!  When the world says it's impossible.... that's when the our GOD shows His power and glory!  He IS the God of the impossible!!!  I have felt those prayers and I know He is working in my body every day, and He is carrying me through this with very little anxiety or fear!  When those feelings do creep in, I read His Word and pray, and He floods me with comfort! 

Finally... I am thankful for you... my blogging friends!  Knowing you are praying for me brings much encouragement to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

May you be blessed with His richest blessings!